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Design & Simulation

KTM SYSTEMS limited employs a number of design, simulation and modelling packages including Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Kawasaki K-Roset, PC-Roset and PC-AS.

We work closely with you to initially assess the feasibility of an application drawing on our knowledge of robot suitability, capability and performance. This enables us to determine the most suitable robot for the application based on reach, speed, payload and the operating environment. 3D robot simulation robot pneumatic gripper design

3D modelling and simulation has become an essential part of the design and manufacture of complex mechanical systems. These tools allow us to examine an application in more detail such as confirming the correct robot selection, optimising the robot position and cell layout and confirming the required cycle time.

As a project progresses through outline and detail design all the design elements can then be incorporated into the simulation to verify their operation, check robot configuration and to develop and test the robot software ahead of the final installation on site.

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