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Robot Systems

We appreciate that every customer application is different and can present new and exciting challenges.


KTM SYSTEMS limited is well equipped to deal with these challenges having experience in a diverse range of robotic applications across a broad spectrum of industries from aero engine manufacture to nuclear testing; clay forming to quarrying; ink manufacture to newsprint handling and penicillin processing to food processing.

We can draw on our experience in all these areas, and many more, in order to implement an effective and innovative solution to your robot automation requirements from a basic palletising cell to complex handling and assembly applications involving additional robot axes, tracking and vision.

Our preferred robot supplier is Kawasaki Robotics UK who are located a short distance away in Warrington. Their line up includes general purpose arms with payloads from 3kg to 1000kg plus robots for cleanroom, high speed pick & place, palletising, arc welding, spot welding and painting applications. sack bag palletising robot robot handling automotive car coil springs carton box end of line palletising robot

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